On January 22, 2014, Conan Doyle Estate, Ltd. (“Conan”), a company owned by family members of the late Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, filed a Notice of Appeal seeking review of the Northern District of Illinois’ recent decision concerning the protectability of elements from Doyle’s famous Sherlock Holmes literary series.  The primary issue on appeal will

Do you infringe your tattoo artist’s copyrights by removing, modifying, or even publically displaying your tattoo?  The answer is actually far from clear.  Putting aside the question of whether a particular tattoo design is “original” enough to be afforded copyright protection – an issue in every copyright infringement action – the overarching question is whether

The unauthorized use of copyrighted material may, under certain circumstances, be permissible under copyright’s “fair use” doctrine.  Fair use has been described as “the most troublesome [doctrine] in the whole of copyright” in that “courts are left with almost complete discretion in determining whether any given [fair use] factor is present in any particular use.”